Privacy Policy

We understand that it is important for our users to have some knowledge of what data/information may be transmitted or stored when using one of our Applications and website. This document will outline the basic details in regards to this. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to clarify or discuss any issues in regards to our Applications or this Privacy Policy. You may do so by using the 'Contact Us' link located on our homepage.

Project Glacier Privacy Policy

Effective Date: July 26, 2013

Please note that we DO NOT collect or store any personal data via our iOS applications.

1) Introduction
Project Glacier ("us,""we," or "Company") is committed to respecting the privacy rights of our customers, visitors and users. This document has been created to ensure that we are upfront in regards to what information, if any, is collected during the use of our Applications ("Apps") or Website (the "Site").
2) Advertisements
We do not believe that it is fair to display any form of advertisements within our Applications or on our Site. We feel it detracts from the App Experience and also reduces the overall quality of our Apps. So taking this into consideration, you will not find any form of targeted advertisements within our products or Site.
3) Social Media Services
Social Media Integration has now almost become a requirement for quality Applications. These services have been implemented into our products and are vital to improving the user experience. Please note however, that we do not view or store any specific credentials relating to the social networks that have been integrated. Any Social Media connections you may have set up on your own device(s) is purely stored within that device and finer details are not read or stored by our Applications.

You may choose to share specific details, such as a picture of an event, or the name of said event. However, you as the user are in complete control of what information you wish to share with those around you.
4) Location Services
Location services are another key component of our Applications. You may decide to use this service to store your location data. This data is then stored only locally on your device, and linked to the relevant items. This information is not available to us or any other user outside of the Application itself.
5) Cloud Storage
You may choose to use iCloud Sync and Backup to store your data. Please note, that this information is stored securely in the cloud by Apple. Only you, as the user, have access to your personal data storage. We do not have any form of access and other users cannot view/modify data and information stored in your personal iCloud storage.
6) Website
Our website may gather anonymous "traffic data". This information contains no personal data, only details which allow us to understand the use of our website and allow us to optimize and improve efficiency of the Site.
7) Contact Us
If you wish to discuss any issues mentioned in this document, please feel free to send us an email.

hello " at "
8) Updates and Changes
We reserve the right, at any time, to add to, modify, change or update this Policy simply by posting such change, update or modification without any notification to you. Any such modification will be effective immediately.

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